Research & Cooperation

The faculty of engineering and technology distinguishes itself from other engineering schools with its interdisciplinary research program.We encourage our students to engage in research programs that are beneficial to communities and to dare where no one has ever adventured.

The faculty  encourages collaboration with other faculties and universities and provides full access to its laboratories and equipment.We also provide assistance which may be human, electronic components and even financial to ensure smooth research.Over the years, students from our faculty have proven their worth internationally by making contributions to opensource projects and participating in google summer of code programs among many others.We are a bed rock of research and always have students and lecturers available for a collaboration.

Collaboration and hardwork

Our partnership with councils of the south west region brings together technicians that manage local council solar infrastructure.Providing electricity to rural and urban communities in the south west region.


Lighting the Campus

Our students are engaged in university projects that range from solar power installations and maintenance,school management system.Our contributions to open source software to transform communities has gained us international recognition.

Learning with practicals

Engaging our students with not only simulation softwares that help them understand  theory, but also accompany them with hands on experience in the field, providing the necessary  tools to transform society.



Brandenburg University Institute of Technology