About Us

Our Mission

Training engineers for the technological and industrial advancement of Cameroon.

This entails three sub goals

  • The development of skills in strategic industrial sectors which are priorities in the CEMAC zone
  • Capacity building for job creation in Cameroon and CEMAC zone
  • Contribution to the development of Cameroon by producing the manpower required to realize the Government’s vision for the development of Cameroon.

Student Enrollment

The faculty of engineering and technology is known for its competitive rigorous selection process for student enrollment.As at 2016, the selection process has changed from extensive file processing to a general public entrance examination.Since its creation, faculty of engineering and technology has enrolled more than 1400 students and graduates not less than 150 students every year.Our students come from all over Africa with international students predominantly coming from Nigeria, Central African Republic and Chad.

Academic Program

The faculty of engineering and technology of the university of Buea offers the following programs:


  • Power Systems Engineering
  • Telecommunication Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Network Engineering

Post graduate (Masters of Engineering)

  • Power Systems Engineering
  • Telecommunication and Network Engineering
  • Software Engineering

Post graduate (PHD) programs

  • Telecommunication and Network
  • Power Systems Engineering
  • Network Security
  • Distributed Systems


The faculty of engineering and technology together with the university of Buea provides the best and latest equipment needed to provide quality education to her students.The classrooms are well aired and equipped to ease learning and collaboration among students and lecturers. The faculty provides free wifi for its students and the best computer laboratory for students to engage in research and contribute to sustainable development in Africa and Cameroon in particular.